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Morden Decor Iron Moon Shape Vase

Morden Decor Iron Moon Shape Vase




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24L x 5W x 23H CM

Product Details

A Half Moon-shaped Vase made of iron is a decorative vase crafted from iron material and designed in the shape of a half moon. This unique and artistic vase showcases a curved and semicircular form, resembling the shape of a crescent moon. The iron construction provides durability and stability to the vase, ensuring it can securely hold flowers or other decorative elements. The half-moon shape adds a distinctive and eye-catching aesthetic to any room or space, making it a statement piece in your home decor. This type of vase is versatile and can be used to display fresh flowers, artificial arrangements, or even as a standalone decorative item. The combination of the iron material and the half-moon design creates a blend of industrial and artistic appeal, making it a great addition to various interior styles.

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Crafts Zila




Home decor

Country of origin


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Product Type

Table Vase

Standard Size

9 Inch

Ideal for

Home Decoration , Centerpiece and Table Decoration

Product Weight

700 grm

Main Material


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